Lighted star decoration

So, I bought this large lighted snowflake decoration at the local big box store to hang on the front of the house. Once I took it out of the box and hung it on the front of the house, it looked a bit cheesy. Then, I plugged it in, and half the lights didn’t work. It felt flimsy and cheaply made, and it was more than $60.

Of course, if you know me, you know my first thought in a situation like this is:

“Can I fix it?”

The answer to that is almost never “No”. If the answer is “Yes, but you really REALLY shouldn’t”, then my next thought is naturally:

“Can I just make something myself? Yes!”

I didn’t much like the snowflake anyway, so I decided to go simpler and make a star, and I made it out of materials I already had on hand.