I would consider this to be a beginner-level project. It requires a certain amount of finesse with hand tools, some basic soldering skills, and some patience. Nothing terribly technical. I think you can do this one. I believe in you.


  • (3) .100 inch hole spacing prototype board (roughly 2″x3″ or larger, we’ll be cutting it up)
  • (1) Micro USB Connector Breakout Board
  • (4) 4.3 mm pogo pins
  • Epoxy, Solder, Hot Glue

All of these items are the kinds of things electronics hobbyists like myself have sitting around already, with the exception of the pogo pins. Taken individually, the pogo pins are cheap. I paid about 8 cents apiece for mine. Overall, they’re a little expensive for this project simply because I had to buy them in a large quantity. I’m sure I’ll think of something else fun or useful to do with them. Brushes for tiny electric motors, maybe?


  • 2mm drill bit
  • 1mm drill bit
  • Soldering iron
  • Small saw (for cutting perf board)
  • Flat file
  • A small vise or other clamping device to hold your work in place


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