UniFi’s AP OS is forked from a sort of ancient branch of LEDE, which is a linux distro that was branched from OpenWRT…so it’s a really pared-down busybox linux. A lot of the commands should be familiar, but it’s nice to keep these in one place, anyway:

Command LineFunction
infodisplays device info
set-defaultfactory reset
set-inform http// adoption / inform URL
upgrade firmware
fwupdate firmware
rebootreboot device
poweroffshut down device
uptimeshow device uptime
ifconfigshow interfaces and addresses
ip addressshow interfaces and addresses
ip address add dev br0set static ip address on ethernet bridge device
ip routeshow routing table
ip route add default via default route to routing table
vi /etc/resolv.confconfigure resolv.conf with nameserver, etc.
arp -ashow arp table entries
ip neighshow ipv6 neighbors